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UJEB Garinim | Intro to Prep Program


Garinim (meaning Seeds in Hebrew) is a pathway to prep program developed exclusively for children who will be attending public schools for Prep in 2024.

At Garinim we are planting the seeds for your child’s future. Garinim is the best program to build your child’s love for Hebrew and Jewish learning at such a pivotal stage in their life.

Our UJEB Garinim program aims to lay the foundations for the students to a lifelong love of Jewish learning. Easing students into the Prep program is key and so they are familure and at ease with the concept and curriculum once the program commences in 2024.

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Welcoming UJEB students to Prep

What are our steps to success?

Specially designed to incorporate games and music to enhance the prep learning experience.

Small class sizes.

For after-school sessions, students are picked up from their classrooms.

UJEB Prep Programs:

Hebrew Immersion Program

Dovrei Ivrit | דּוֹבְרֵי עִבְרִית

Jewish Life Program

Prep Program Commencement

Fee Assistance

UJEB’s policy is that no child misses out. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please apply for a payment plan and/or reduced fees. 

Participating Schools

Carnegie Primary School

Caulfield Junior College

Caulfield South Primary School

Coatesville Primary School

Gardenvale Primary School

Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School

Ormond Primary School

Valkstone Primary School

Gardenvale Primary School

Brighton Beach Primary School

Clifton Hill Primary School

Elwood Primary

East Bentleigh Primary School

Lloyd Street School

North Eastern Jewish Centre

Valkstone Primary School

Participating Schools