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Primary School Program

UJEB has three programs for primary school students- Jewish Life (JL), Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) and Dovrei Ivrit | דּוֹבְרֵי עִבְרִית.

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Garinim | Intro to Prep 2024


Garinim (meaning Seeds in Hebrew) is a pathway to prep program developed exclusively for children who will be attending public schools for Prep in 2024.

Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP)

Hebrew Immersion Program, or HIP, is currently running in 7 different government schools around Victoria, between 1-3 times a week. Students will learn about Israeli culture, and learn Hebrew in a dynamic learning environment that will leave them able to continue studying at a secondary school level.

Jewish Life (JL)

Jewish Life, a weekly program specifically created for Primary School students. In these weekly sessions, students will learn and experience Jewish festivals, Shabbat, traditions, basic Hebrew, and a connection to Israel. This includes festivals and cultural events, such as Friday night kiddush, the family seder, and the high holidays. The curriculum also focuses on connecting our learners to their Jewish identity through our common values, language, homeland, and texts, ensuring a meaningful and enduring connection to our community.

Dovrei Ivrit | דּוֹבְרֵי עִבְרִית

מטרת התכנית: חיזוק עברית מדוברת

כיצד? דרך תקשורת מדוברת, קריאה וכתיבה של תכנים ישראליים בשפה העברית בלבד

Fee Assistance

UJEB’s policy is that no child misses out. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please apply for a payment plan and/or reduced fees. 

Participating Schools

Brighton Beach Primary School

Carnegie Primary School

Caulfield Junior College

Caulfield South Primary School

Clifton Hill Primary School

Coatesville Primary School

Elwood Primary


Gardenvale Primary School

Llyod Street School

Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School

North Eastern Jewish Centre

Ripponlea Primary

Ormond Primary

Participating Schools