UJEB | United Jewish Education Board

UJEB at Coatesville Primary School

What we offer at Coatesville Primary School?

Our UJEB programs are designed to provide students with opportunities to learn about their heritage, culture, and language while attending public schools.

UJEB works closely with the parents committee and the school to ensure our programs are meeting the needs of the students and families of the school. UJEB aims to build a Jewish community within your public school and we encourage you to partner with us in our mission of providing quality Jewish education to your children. 

We offer two programs at Coatesville Primary School. Learn more about them below. 

Jewish Life

Students learn about and experience Jewish festivals, Shabbat, traditions and Israel, as well as basic Hebrew.

The sessions are fun and engaging and include crafts, music, enjoyable group activities and snacks. At many schools, we run special assemblies for Jewish festivals.

Hebrew Immersion Program

HIP provides a dynamic and rigorous Hebrew language education which aims to develop strong speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students also learn about Israeli culture. HIP graduates are equipped to continue studying Hebrew at secondary school level.

We aim to achieve this through our 4 key Values:


Our programs support learners in exploring and understanding their Jewish identity. We hope to foster a feeling of connection to Jewish life and Israel.


The quality educational experiences provided aim to create curious and passionate learners who are engaged with their Jewish identity.


Program participants can begin establishing a lifelong connection and commitment not only to their local Jewish community, but to the wider, global Jewish community.


We strongly believe that all Jews have a right to learn about their Jewish identity. We aim to create programs that cater to those with special needs, and programs that are affordable to all.