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UJEB has four different secondary school programs currently available. These programs range from social activities, Hebrew lessons, lunchtime sessions, social action, and a partnership with BBYO, a peer-led youth movement.


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UJEB’s lunchtime Jewish cultural program, J-Lunch, provides weekly in-school social activities, cultural sessions and events for secondary school students.

Having J-Lunch in schools provides time each week for Jewish students to connect with other Jewish peers in their school, while encouraging the wider school community to engage and learn more about Jewish culture.

Highlights of a J-Lunch session are trying challah, learning about Jewish festivals and dancing to Hebrew music.

All that is required for J-Lunch to operate in a school is an available classroom and a designated lunchtime each week.

UJEB Connect

Tailored for Year 7 + 8 teens (and Year 6s in Term 4), UJEB Connect provides a fun and open space for Jewish teens, fresh to high school, to make friends from other schools across Melbourne. 

UJEB Connect offers programs and excursions focused on festivals, tikkun olam and community connectivity – with our annual Shabbaton being the event of the year. 

Hebrew at Glen Eira College (GEC)

UJEB partnered with GEC to reintroduce Hebrew as a part of the curriculum for year 7 students in 2020. The hope is that this program will be able to expand in the future. This program connects with other Jewish cultural events at the school, as well as J-Lunch.

B'nai B'rith Youth Organisation(BBYO)

BBYO is one of the leading, inclusive, pluralistic teen movements for Jewish teens looking to create a more meaningful Jewish experience. BBYO provides a social outlet outside of school, leadership opportunities, events, and camps. As BBYO Victoria is part of BBYO International, the students have the possibility of connection to a wide range of international opportunities.

Sabra - Hebrew Language and Israeli Culture Program

RELAUNCHING for Term 4, 2023

Sabra: A Hebrew Language and Israeli Culture for Years 9-11, is all about developing your teen’s conversational Hebrew with a focus on developing a vocabulary that pertains to situations they’ll find themselves in while travelling in Israel. Through weekly classes and excursions, Sabra celebrates practise over perfection!



J-Voice was UJEB High’s latest leadership and activism program for secondary students at non-Jewish schools, from 2020-22.

Through leadership and collaborative sessions, the J-Voice student committee had the opportunity to create a report of what it’s like to be a Jewish student in Victoria in primary and secondary government schools.

The team’s ideas and solutions were presented directly to the Department of Education and Training to increase youth involvement in school strategy and initiate change in government schools.

Participation in J-Voice provided each participant with government endorsed leadership experience, formal recognition as an author on the final report and the opportunity to make a difference for the Jewish student experience.

Ulpan High Online

Do you have a child in Yr 7or 8 at a non-Jewish school? Do they want to learn more about Israel?
Term 4: Getting to Know Israel 🇮🇱
Term 4 Enrolments are now open for UJEB’s Ulpan High Online program, a new interactive online learning program – in this pilot program your child will learn about Israel’s geography from Eilat to Metulah and develop an understanding of the uniqueness of its people and culture.

Registrations are now open for Term 4, which starts on Thursday 13th October 2022.

Participating Schools

Glen Eira College

McKinnon Secondary College | Main and East Campus

Brighton Secondary College

Shelford Girls' Grammar

South Oakleigh Secondary College

Templestowe College

Bentleigh Secondary College

Participating Schools