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The Organisation
For more than 125 years, the United Jewish Education Board (UJEB) has been providing formal and informal Jewish education and culturally rich experiences to Victorian students who do not attend Jewish schools. We aim to inspire a positive connection with Jewish identity and to help our students develop into proud and engaged members of the Jewish community.UJEB runs an extensive range of out-of-school-hours and lunch-time programs for primary and secondary school students.

The Role
Job type: Casual
Location: Victoria
Allotment: Sessional

Madrichim at UJEB are responsible for running J-Lunch Sessions, Camps and Events. Reporting to the Teen Engagement Manager, UJEB High Madrich/a is responsible for Jewish cultural learning and engagement with Jewish and non-Jewish students within and outside the school environment.

J-Lunch is UJEB High’s in-school Jewish cultural lunchtime program. It offers a weekly Jewish cultural program and space, in secondary schools during lunchtime, aimed at providing an environment for Jewish students to connect and learn, in addition to providing positive cultural exposure for non-Jewish students. Any secondary student from any year level is welcome to J-Lunch. 

In addition to J-lunch UJEB High runs a variety of programs focused primarily on secondary school students. These include UJEB Connect (Year 7 & 8 social space), Year 6 Bridging Program, BBYO (Teen-led movement) and Sabra (Hebrew and Israeli culture classes) as well as annual Shabbatonim and Camps.

UJEB’s annual Camp/ Shabbatonim  bring together UJEB’s extended community for fun, meaningful experience away from home. UJEB Madrich/a is responsible for planning and facilitating program’s(peulot) before, during and after these camps. The position requires a passion for guiding young individuals, strong organisational and communication skills, and a possible background in youth leadership or education. Knowledge of Jewish culture and heritage is advantageous.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Being in attendance at all sessions rostered (including setting up prior to the session and packing down after session conclusion).

  • Update the Manager in advance if they are going to be absent.

  • Running programs (peulot).

  • Serve as a role model for the program participants, exemplifying positive values, behaviour, and cultural sensitivity.

  • Create a safe, environment for students, complying with the child safety standards.

  • Report all incidents that occur to your reporting manager and follow UJEB policies and procedures.

  • Adapt instruction/support to students’ differences in development, learning styles, strengths and needs.

  • Collection of challah order from Caulfield on a weekly basis (J-Lunch only), and occasionally resources from the UJEB offices .

  • Assist with other programs if needed.

  • Promote students’ intrinsic motivation by providing meaningful learning experiences along with fun and engaging activities (e.g. program, songs, games, ruach etc).

  • Support students to express themselves and their culture and enjoy their cultural rights

  • Taking photos of the programs for promotional purposes.

  • Take attendance at each program. 

  • Attend termly madrich/a meetings. 

  • Joining the UJEB High Staff WhatsApp chat.

  • Checking WhatsApp and your email on a regular basis and responding to any queries within a reasonable time.

  • Participate in child safety and behaviour procedure training each semester. 

  • Participate in compulsory anaphylaxis training and first aid training as required. 

Additional Major Responsibilities for Camp/Shabbatonim

  • Plan and develop engaging programs (peulot) , aligning with the educational goals and objectives of Camp.

  • Attend at least 3 preparation meetings with the UJEB Camp team to discuss program logistics, safety protocols, emergency procedures, participant needs, and objectives.

  • Attend pre and post camp events

  • Attend Camp with the participants and staying on the campsite for the duration of the Camp

  • Travel with the Camp participants to and from the campsite, providing assistance and support during transit, ensuring the smooth flow of the group to and from the campsite.

  • Follow the instructions given by the Rosh Tochnit and Rosh Machane

  • Deliver engaging and educational programs that promote cultural understanding, personal growth, and Jewish identity development.

  • Monitor and supervise the behaviour of the program participants, ensuring adherence to program rules and safety guidelines.

  • Facilitate bonding and integration among the participants, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

  • Ensure the welfare and safety protocols are met and implement emergency procedures when necessary.

  • Participate in all program activities, demonstrating active engagement and enthusiasm.

  • Attend nightly staff meetings during camp to discuss program updates, participant well-being, and any emerging issues.

  • Handle any incidents or conflicts that may arise during the program, following UJEB’s guidelines and protocols for conflict resolution and crisis management.

  • Risk management: Ensure proactive compliance with the risk management policy by conducting thorough risk assessments, identifying hazards, assessing their likelihood and impact, and implementing proactive mitigation strategies



In order to work as a staff member, UJEB High staff are required to:

  • Have a valid Victorian Working with Children’s Check 

  • A passion for Jewish life and UJEB

  • An attitude embracing the diversity of our Jewish community.

  • General enthusiasm.

  • Be a school graduate 

  • Complete anaphylaxis training through UJEB (paid time)

  • Complete their staff pack; including signing UJEB’s Child Safety Policy


Working Relationships

Title Purpose of contact
  • Teen Engagement Manager/Camp Coordinator 
  • Line manager
  •   Executive Principal
  • Program Oversight
  • Office staff:
  • Business manager
  • Office and Systems Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Support
  • Students Parents and guardians
  • Clients / customers
  • Government agencies and departments, schools, donors, community organisations 
  • External stakeholders and partners

UJEB is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity and inclusion in our workplace. You must have the right to live and work in Australia to apply for this job. To apply please send your resume, together with a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role in the form below and if you have any additional questions please feel free to email ujebhigh@ujeb.org.au

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We aim to achieve this through our 4 key Values:


Our programs support learners in exploring and understanding their Jewish identity. We hope to foster a feeling of connection to Jewish life and Israel.


The quality educational experiences provided aim to create curious and passionate learners who are engaged with their Jewish identity.


Program participants can begin establishing a lifelong connection and commitment not only to their local Jewish community, but to the wider, global Jewish community.


We strongly believe that all Jews have a right to learn about their Jewish identity. We aim to create programs that cater to those with special needs, and programs that are affordable to all.