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UJEB’s Commitment to the Cultural Safety of Aboriginal Children

UJEB’s Commitment to the Cultural Safety of Aboriginal Children

We, United Jewish Education Board (UJEB) are committed to upholding and promoting the cultural safety of Aboriginal children. We recognize the unique cultural identities, histories, and experiences of Aboriginal communities.

As an organisation championing young people, we recognise that education plays an important role in the continuation of the cultural and spiritual practices of our peoples, and the continuity of our communities.

Jewish Australians and Australian First Nations people have often fought together to uphold truth telling, justice, and human rights.

We maintain our shared commitment to the rights for self-determination.

We will continue to work towards a unified, respectful, and thriving community that embraces First Nations’ peoples’ experiences of the past, resilience in the present, and aspirations for the future.

Our commitment to cultural safety entails the following principles:

  • Respect and Recognition: We acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity, knowledge systems, and wisdom of Aboriginal peoples. We recognize the importance of fostering meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding.
  • Inclusion and Accessibility: We endeavor to create a safe and inclusive environment where Aboriginal children feel valued, supported, and empowered. We promote accessibility and inclusivity by adapting our educational practices and resources to accommodate diverse learning styles and cultural perspectives.
  • Anti-Discrimination and Equity: We are committed to combating all forms of discrimination and promoting equity within our community..
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: We recognize that cultural safety is an ongoing process of learning, reflection, and growth. We are open to feedback and actively engage in self-reflection to improve our practices continually.


By publicly affirming our commitment to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, we aim to foster an educational environment that celebrates diversity, promotes reconciliation, and supports positive outcomes for all students. We acknowledge that our journey towards cultural safety is ongoing and pledge to continually review and improve our efforts.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or concerns regarding our commitment or our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create an inclusive and culturally safe learning environment for all Aboriginal children.

We aim to achieve this through our 4 key Values:


Our programs support learners in exploring and understanding their Jewish identity. We hope to foster a feeling of connection to Jewish life and Israel.


The quality educational experiences provided aim to create curious and passionate learners who are engaged with their Jewish identity.


Program participants can begin establishing a lifelong connection and commitment not only to their local Jewish community, but to the wider, global Jewish community.


We strongly believe that all Jews have a right to learn about their Jewish identity. We aim to create programs that cater to those with special needs, and programs that are affordable to all.