UJEB Bat Mitzvah Program 2020

UJEB partners with KiP (Kids in Philanthropy), the Jewish Museum of Australia and the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA) to construct a unique year-long program. A core educator from UJEB will teach and accompany the girls throughout the year as they explore the vibrant Jewish world through a variety of lenses, with a different focus in each school term. Running through the entire program is a commitment to instilling in our students a lifelong love of Judaism. The girls will complete their year with a presentation afternoon and Bat Mitzvah ceremony amongst family and friends.

The classes are held one afternoon per week during the school term from 4.30 till 6.30 pm in the Caulfield area (except for school holidays, public holidays and Jewish festivals). The total cost of the program is $1100 ($100 non-refundable enrolment fee + $250 per term). There is also a small additional cost for the ceremony, which is kept to a minimum.


Students will participate in a tailor-made, hands on social action program run by Kids in Philanthropy (KiP). They will explore the culture of giving and change-making in Australia, including building social awareness, developing leadership skills and empathy, and learning the fundamentals of how to become a change-maker.


Classes will explore our historic and current connections to Israel. Highlights will include participation in communal Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim events. Girls will also research the Parasha that falls on their 12th birthday, and undertake a project in relation to it.


In term three the classes meet at the Jewish Museum of Australia, and focus on Jewish history, art and culture. Highlights include an exploration of the Australian Jewish story and a roots project investigating the girls’ individual family stories of migration and settlement.


The final term at NCJWA (Vic) explores a wide variety of influential roles that Jewish women have undertaken throughout the ages. The participants will meet with inspirational Jewish women who are active in making a difference in the Jewish and broader community.


The presentation in December is an afternoon tea where the girls share what they have learned with family and friends in a joyous celebration.


The program was perfect for our family, covering so many different aspects. It helped our daughter develop a stronger connection to her faith and an understanding of where she has come from, while providing the opportunity to form strong bonds with other Jewish girls. She also prepared a ‘Roots Project’, something I felt she would otherwise have missed out on. The program leader couldn’t have been more kind, considerate, engaging and fun. I can highly recommend the program and believe Cara would happily do it all over again“.                                          (Melinda Tassone, Mother)

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