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UJEB's Commitment to Child Safety and Wellbeing

UJEB is a community organisation that is committed to providing the highest quality formal and informal Jewish education to Jewish students outside the Jewish day school system. UJEB’s purpose is to provide the building blocks for a connected Jewish life for students of government and independent non-Jewish schools. By attending our programs our students develop a lifetime of knowledge and skills in a dynamic educational environment which ensures their ability to participate in Jewish communal life.

UJEB aims to ensure that future generations of Jewish children understand, and connect to, their heritage, their culture and their history. UJEB’s commitment to the principles of child safety, empowerment and inclusion are inculcated in our mission, values, policies and procedures. UJEB practises zero tolerance in relation to child abuse.

UJEB is committed to developing and maintaining a culture that prioritises the safety of children and where children will always feel valued and listened to. UJEB encourages active participation from parents/guardians/carers based on a partnership approach and shared responsibility for children’s health, wellbeing and safety.

UJEB embraces the moral and legal responsibility to ensure all children are safe in its care and that timely, effective and supportive responses will occur for children who are at risk of abuse and/or harm.

The purpose of UJEB’s child safety policy is to:

  • Prevent child abuse occurring within all UJEB environments;
    Outline UJEB’s commitment to child safety and wellbeing and what UJEB is doing to prevent child abuse and how it will respond to child abuse;
  • Work towards an organisational culture of child safety;
  • Ensure that children know who to speak with if they are worried about their safety, and that they should be encouraged to voice their concerns;
  • Ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities for identifying possible occasions for child abuse and for establishing controls and procedures for preventing such abuse and/or detecting such abuse when it occurs;
  • Provide guidance on action that should be taken where a person suspects any child abuse within all UJEB Environments;
  • Provide a clear statement to staff, volunteers, parents/guardians/carers, visitors, contractors, Board Members and others attending the programs or activities of UJEB, forbidding any such abuse; and
  • Provide assurance that any and all suspected abuse will be appropriately reported and fully investigated.

UJEB encourages feedback and input from parents/guardians/carers, children and community members and this includes in the area of child safety.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the UJEB Executive Principal.

UJEB’s Child Safety Policy

Useful link: Department of Health and Human Services

Child Safety Standards

We aim to achieve this through our 4 key Values:


Our programs support learners in exploring and understanding their Jewish identity. We hope to foster a feeling of connection to Jewish life and Israel.


The quality educational experiences provided aim to create curious and passionate learners who are engaged with their Jewish identity.


Program participants can begin establishing a lifelong connection and commitment not only to their local Jewish community, but to the wider, global Jewish community.


We strongly believe that all Jews have a right to learn about their Jewish identity. We aim to create programs that cater to those with special needs, and programs that are affordable to all.