Simply Hebrew

At Simply Hebrew, we focus on teaching you the Hebrew language as it is used and spoken today.

Shira has over eight years of teaching in Australia and Israel.

After completing her Bachelor of Education in Israel, majoring in Biblical studies and Israeli culture, Shira commenced teaching in Kiryat Dror school in Israel as a Biblical studies teacher and class educator.

During her 5 years of teaching at Dror School, Shira established a study group for outstanding students to study the topic “Israeli Culture and Judaism” and managed the professional team.

In additional, Shira acted as a trainer for student teachers and as a Learner Coordinator Leader As a part of this role, she guided the students in creating lesson plans, ways of dealing with different situations in the classrooms, different appraisal methods and delivery of lessons in the classroom.

As of 2008, Shira began teaching as a Hebrew teacher at UJEB and in 2009, began teaching students year 8 till VCE at King David School.

From the beginning of her teaching in Australia, several parents approached Shira requesting Hebrew lessons for their children. Over time, the number of students has grown to the point where Simply Hebrew was established to cater to the increasing number of students, while still ensuring the high level of education expected by the parents.

All students are taught the same material and curriculum prepared by Shira with her either teaching or close supervision to insure the delivery of the material in the best manner possible.