Sabra - Hebrew Language and Israeli Culture

About this program

Sabra: A Hebrew Language and Israeli Culture for Years 9-12, is all about developing your teen’s conversational Hebrew with a focus on developing a vocabulary that pertains to situations they’ll find themselves in while travelling in Israel. Through weekly classes and excursions, Sabra celebrates practise over perfection!

Learnings include:

  • Ordering food in a restaurant
  • Getting around on public transport
  • Shopping at the mall
  • Meeting the family
  • Street signs and maps
  • and much more!

Sabra will hopefully prepare your teen for a more personal and connected experience the next time they visit Israel. We strongly recommend this program if your teen is heading on Nesiah 2023 or plans to attend in 2024, or if your teen is keen to go on Yallah Israel in 2023 or 2024.

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