BBYO is the leading international pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in meaningful Jewish experiences. The BBYO model is based on peer leadership, where teens develop leadership skills through leading their group, guided by a UJEB teen engagement professional. The 2020 BBYO Melbourne student cohort runs regular events every fortnight (currently running online). 

BBYO in Victoria is a collaboration between BBYO International, B’nai B’rith Victoria and UJEB. BBYO is now also in NSW, and has plans to grow nationally. BBYO is open to all Jewish students in years 8-12. 

BBYO plays a significant role in the UJEB Journey for Jewish teens by providing a social outlet outside of school, as well as leadership opportunities including UJEB events and camps. BBYO also connects students to a wide range of international opportunities. 

In 2019 UJEB’s BBYO members had exciting opportunities to connect with the BBYO international movement. In June/July 2019 a group of our teens travelled to Pennsylvania for BBYO’s International Leadership Training Conference (ILTC), where they honed their leadership skills with 250 teens from all over the world. We also sent 2 cohorts to BBYO International Convention (IC) in 2019 (Denver) and 2020 (Dallas). IC is attended by more than 6,000 Jewish teens from over 50 countries, as well as educators and philanthropists. These students brought back valuable leadership skills and enthusiasm, to nourish and grow BBYO Melbourne. 

To get involved email our BBYO Coordinator at bbyo@ujeb.org.au or our Teen Engagement Coordinator at ujebhigh@ujeb.org.au

For updates like and follow @BBYOAussies on Facebook and bbyomelbourne on Instagram.

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