HIP 2019

UJEB is proud to offer the HIP program at Caulfield Junior College and Caulfield South Primary School and we are currently working on a third centre at Gardenvale Primary School.

The Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) is a United Jewish Education Board (UJEB) program and is overseen by a committee of parent volunteers.

The prime objective of HIP is to provide a dynamic, rigorous and values-based Hebrew language program.

The purpose of HIP is to teach students to communicate effectively in Hebrew by developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. HIP graduates will be armed with knowledge and skills to engage in further Hebrew language study at secondary school.

HIP celebrates Jewish festivals and engages with the wider school community to foster an appreciation of Jewish culture.

HIP takes place 3 mornings a week commencing at 8am  (to be confirmed in December 2018). An onsite coordinator is responsible for the program, with carefully chosen and experienced teachers to ensure quality learning.

HIP 2019 Curriculum