Situated in the growth corridor of Bentleigh, where the demand for UJEB’s services has doubled over the last three years, MERKAZ BENTLEIGH is at 549 Centre Road Bentleigh.

This stand-alone centre delivers a multidisciplinary educational program from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Various classes run during the week

Monday – Hebrew only classes.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are Jewish Studies and Hebrew Classes.

Please call or email UJEB if you are interested in a Thursday class.

UJEB runs is an integrated Jewish Studies and Hebrew Program which includes Jewish festivals, customs and beliefs, and incorporates Hebrew in a meaningful way. Students study Jewish history, Israel and contemporary Jewish and Israeli culture.

The Hebrew Program is aimed at giving children the ability to read, speak and write Hebrew, and develop their vocabulary to engage in basic conversation. The program includes Hebrew letter recognition, reading and writing as well as preparing them to participate in important Jewish festivals and rituals.

Child Care Benefits have been approved for After School. This will heavily discount the price of each term by 50%.

The cost will be $360 a term and you will receive approx $180 back through Child Care Benefits.