Our After-School Centre at Elwood Primary School (EPS) provides a Jewish studies and Hebrew language program. The Jewish Life curriculum covers traditions, customs and festivals, as well as Jewish history and Israel. The Hebrew component focuses on Hebrew reading, writing and conversation.

Classes take place on Thursdays from 3.45 -5.15 pm. The cost for this program is $250 per term.

The Jewish Life curriculum follows the Jewish calendar. Students learn about and experience our festivals and traditions, including bible stories, major historical events, Israel and contemporary Jewish and Israeli culture. Our students develop the knowledge and skills to fully participate in Jewish communal life, as well as a love and appreciation for Jewish practice.

The Hebrew language component aims to give children the ability to read, write and speak Hebrew. The program is based around conversational topics, starting from colours and numbers, and progressing to useful everyday topics such as food and clothing. It also prepares the children to read and understand texts relevant to the main Jewish festivals and traditions. This program enables students to engage in further Hebrew study at secondary school level.

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