Support from Gandel Philanthropy

UJEB is proud to announce that with the support of Gandel Philanthropy, the opening of a new Centre for afterschool education in Bentleigh is now real.

Located at 549 Centre Road Bentleigh at the Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue; Merkaz Bentleigh school will offer Hebrew
and Jewish Studies after school from Monday to Thursday throughout the school year.

“Bentleigh is the growth corridor for young Jewish families” said UJEB president Yossi Goldfarb today, “and UJEB’s aim is to provide excellent Jewish education wherever it is needed.”

As part of the network of UJEB schools, Merkaz Bentleigh will focus on a blend of Jewish Studies and Modern Hebrew language and cover an array of Jewish topics such as festivals, history, customs, beliefs and values, the local Jewish community, and Israel. Our teachers are all passionate and engaging educators who strive to create enjoyable programs for Jewish children.

“We are reinventing the idea of the Hebrew Centre” commented UJEB’s Executive Director Marlo Newton. “Our school will be a vibrant blend of formal and experiential learning, with music and art and a range of hands-on activities.”

Parents will now have a choice of days as to when they send their kids to Merkaz, and siblings will be able to attend on the same day. The centre is also within walking distance to several local schools with large Jewish populations. These things combined will make it easier for parents to provide their children with a Jewish Education.

Etz Chayim President Frank Moore commented: “We are happy and excited to be opening our doors to the Bentleigh community as an educational centre for Jewish children.”

This important expansion was made possible with the support of Gandel Philanthropy who has awarded UJEB with a three year Community Build Grant for the running of the Centre.

“Gandel Philanthropy is very pleased to provide multi-year support that will enable UJEB to develop this new Centre into a strong, vibrant and inclusive one. The fact that UJEB is committed to ensuring the Centre becomes self-sustainable within three years was one of the considerations in the Board’s decision to award this grant”, said Nicole Brittain, Grant Manager for Jewish and Israel Programs.

Enrolments for 2013 are now open. Further information is available on our website or at the office 9038 5028.

Other afterschool options include UJEB centres at Gardenvale Primary, Caulfield Junior College and Malvern Primary.