Power to the Parents

Power to the parents.
The key to accessing Jewish education in government schools.

Parents, you are a lot more powerful than you think and UJEB is here to help.

In 2015 UJEB was teaching at 39 schools with 1500 students. These students benefited from a weekly connection to their heritage; a weekly lesson on the upcoming festival and Jewish life events; a weekly dose of Jewish pride.
That was until the state government kicked SRI out of schools!

At the end of 2015 the government ceased SRI during school hours, only allowing UJEB access; before school, lunchtime and after school. These classes are also at the discretion of the school principal.

Some principals were convinced that offering a Jewish learning session at their school was beneficial to their school community, others were not. UJEB has re-entered 14 schools and now educates 300 students. This is a significant achievement but at the same time a cultural tragedy. 1,200 Jewish primary school students have lost access to this valuable service.

There is one powerful tool that is 100% ours.
There is one powerful tool we have not yet utilised.
Our parent body.
Our parents can show principals that access to learning about our Jewish culture is important to us and that when a school allows UJEB to provide this service it will be good for enrolments and for the school community.

There are 2 keys to opening the door and allowing our children access to Jewish learning; the principal and the parents.

Principals are responsible to their school community and will respond to parents’ demands, but our parents have not yet demanded.

I propose a public meeting for parents of children at government schools.
I propose to plan a pathway forward for parents to use their combined power to help principals understand that making Jewish learning available at their school benefits their school community.
UJEB & Parents, together we can bring Jewish learning to our children.

Please join me at Beth Weizmann Community Centre in the Lamm Library Meeting Room on Tuesday the 16th of August at 8pm.

Itzik Sztokman
Executive director

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