Jewish Life Program Information

Jewish Life (JL)

During our weekly Jewish Life sessions, students learn about and experience Jewish festivals, Shabbat, traditions and Israel, as well as basic Hebrew. The sessions are fun and engaging, and include craft, music, enjoyable group activities and snacks. At many schools we run special assemblies for Jewish festivals.

The Jewish Life program is open to Jewish students in the school at which the program runs. Sessions run either before school for 50 minutes (from 8 – 8.50 am), at lunchtime for 30 minutes (during the school lunchtime) or after school for 90 minutes (from 3.30 – 5 pm).  The longer before and after school sessions include more in-depth study of Hebrew and Jewish traditions.


Our students develop the knowledge and skills to fully participate in Jewish communal life, as well as a love and appreciation for Jewish practice. Each Jewish Life session is built around our year-long curriculum, which aims to foster a strong sense of Jewish identity within each student. Learning basic Hebrew letters and words forms a foundation for future Hebrew study. The program also helps to build friendships with other Jewish students across year levels, fostering a stronger sense of community within each school.


UJEB is the sole approved provider of Jewish education in government primary schools in Victoria through the Jewish Life program. UJEB is unique as it is the only Jewish educational organisation that is approved, accredited and endorsed by the Department of Education and Training to provide programs at government schools. 

Our Jewish Life curriculum is innovative and engaging, and our program is inclusive. Our mission is to equip learners with the tools needed to passionately participate in Jewish life, by facilitating positive and inclusive Jewish learning experiences. Our tools include our community, our rituals and practices, our homeland, our values, our texts and our language.

The curriculum is built around the Jewish calendar of festivals, and builds knowledge and skills for participating in Jewish Life. This includes festivals and cultural events, such as Friday night kiddush, the family seder and the high holidays. The curriculum also focuses on connecting our learners to their Jewish identity through our common values, language, homeland and texts, ensuring a meaningful and enduring connection to our community.

During each session our engaging and interactive activities encourage a love for our culture, and ensure that Jewish learning is a positive experience. Our children grow into proud, passionate and active members of the Australian Jewish community, and Australian society as a whole.

Jewish Life is taught in 1 of 3 possible timeslots at each school: either before school (50 minutes, 8 – 8.50 am), at lunchtime (30 minutes during school lunchtime) or after school (90 minutes, 3.45 – 5.15 pm). The most suitable timeslot for the school & parents is determined for each individual school. Due to the difference in time allowed for the sessions, there are different learning outcomes from each timeslot. 

UJEB’s Jewish Life curriculum is designed to cater to 2 levels and alternates between 2 different year plans, so children will learn a different program each year. Level 1 is from prep – grade 2, and level 2 is grades 3 – 6.


Term 1:

Jewish time Jewish year: birthdays and festivals Jewish days, weeks & months
Purim Heroes Stand up, don’t stand by
Pesach Participating in a seder Contributing to a seder

Term 2:

Israel & Yom Ha’atzmaut Israel’s birthday: achievements to be proud of Geography: cities towns and Kibbutzim
Lag B’Omer The story and practices The characters
Shavuot Rules are important Jewish peoplehood

Term 3:

Jewish values Chessed – respect Tikkun olam – a better world
Tisha B’Av Our synagogue A special wall – the Kotel
The high holidays Teshuva – the best me I can be Teshuva – caring for my friends and family

Term 4:

Sukkot The sukkah – appreciation The 4 spices – unity
Bible stories We are family – the main families in the Torah Becoming a nation – Living in ancient Israel
Chanukkah Jewish pride Lighting the way, a positive example