Bat Mitzvah Program

During UJEB’s year-long Bat Mitzvah program, girls develop their own emerging identities as young Jewish women. They learn about and experience social action, Jewish history, religion, traditions and culture, as well as their connection to Israel. Through partnerships with Kids in Philanthropy (KiP), the Jewish Museum and the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA), the girls explore the vibrant Jewish world through a variety of lenses. The program culminates in a beautiful ceremony with family and friends.

The classes are held one afternoon per week during the school term from 4.30 till 6.30 pm in the Caulfield area (except for school holidays, public holidays and Jewish festivals). The total cost of the program is $1100 ($100 non-refundable enrolment fee + $250 per term). There is also an additional cost for the ceremony, which is kept to a minimum.

Registrations are now open for our 2021 program. To find out more or sign up, please contact our Bat Mitzvah Coordinator at or 03 9523 6844. Note that places in the program are limited.

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Bat Mitzvah Video

Bat Mitzvah 2020

Bat Mitzvah 2019


“I would highly recommend the UJEB Bat Mitzvah program. It’s warm, educational and inspiring. It shows the children that there is more than one way to be Jewish and allows for everyone to feel proud of their Jewish heritage.  A wonderful program for all!”
Amelia Kalifa, mother of 2019 Bat Mitzvah graduate

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“The program was perfect for our family, covering so many different aspects. It helped our daughter develop a stronger connection to her faith and an understanding of where she has come from, while providing the opportunity to form strong bonds with other Jewish girls. She also prepared a ‘Roots Project’, something I felt she would otherwise have missed out on. The program leader couldn’t have been more kind, considerate, engaging and fun. I can highly recommend the program and believe Cara would happily do it all over again.”
Melinda Tassone, mother of 2018 Bat Mitzvah graduate

“I had to choose a Batmi program for my two girls, one year after the next. I did my research and chose UJEB. The variety and diversity of the program suited Dara, Jamie and our family. They both loved visiting new places each month and the topics were so engaging. Their teacher made the whole experience even better. She was so kind and understanding and by the end of the year the girls had formed terrific bonds. The final ceremony was perfect, giving each girl a chance to shine. What an amazing opportunity my girls had. We are so lucky to have a Batmi program like this in our community.”
Mish Arndt, mother of 2016 & 2017 Bat Mitzvah graduates

“Our daughter Sienna graduated from this program with some wonderful new Jewish friends. She has also developed a stronger social and moral compass and now has a deeper understanding of our family history and Jewish life. With all this knowledge I am certain she will become a conscious, confident and courageous young Jewish woman. We are so grateful to UJEB for providing Sienna with this wonderful experience.”
Nicole Brittain, mother of 2016 Bat Mitzvah graduate

Location Day Time Fees Year and Term - CLICK BELOW TO ENROL
Location Day Time Fees Year and Term - CLICK BELOW TO ENROL
Tuesdays After school $100 non-refundable enrolment fee (please pay on enrolment to secure your place) 2021 enrolment fee
Tuesdays After school $1000 for full year 2021 full year
Tuesdays After school $250 per term 2021 term 1
Tuesdays After school $250 per term 2021 term 2
Tuesdays After school $250 per term 2021 term 3
Tuesdays After school $250 per term 2021 term 4


UJEB’s year-long Bat Mitzvah Program is run in partnership with KiP (Kids in Philanthropy), the Jewish Museum of Australia and the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA). A core educator from UJEB teaches and accompanies the girls throughout the year as they explore the vibrant Jewish world through a variety of lenses, with a different focus in each school term. Running through the entire program is a commitment to instilling in our students a lifelong love of Judaism. The girls complete their year with a presentation afternoon and Bat Mitzvah ceremony amongst family and friends.

Students participate in a tailor-made, hands on social action program run by Kids in Philanthropy (KiP). They explore the culture of giving and change-making in Australia, including building social awareness, developing leadership skills and empathy, and learning the fundamentals of how to become a change-maker.

Classes explore our historic and current connections to Israel. Highlights include participation in communal Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim events. The girls also research the Parasha that falls on their 12th birthday, and undertake a project in relation to it.

In term three the classes meet at the Jewish Museum of Australia, and focus on Jewish history, art and culture. Highlights include an exploration of the Australian Jewish story and a roots project investigating the girls’ individual family stories of migration and settlement.

The final term at NCJWA (Vic) explores a wide variety of influential roles that Jewish women have undertaken throughout the ages. The participants meet with inspirational Jewish women who are active in making a difference in the Jewish and broader community.

The presentation in December is an afternoon tea where the girls share what they have learned with family and friends in a joyous celebration.

Bar Mitzvah Program

Journey to 13, UJEB’s unique Bar Mitzvah program, is a coming-of-age experience which is contemporary and meaningful for participants. Our 6-month program is a creative and alternative option for marking this important Jewish life milestone, which enables participants to take their place in our community as passionate and engaged young men.

The program focuses on four main themes: community, culture, wellbeing and rites of passage. It also includes visits from inspiring community figures and organisations, and culminates in a ceremony designed by the boys themselves.

Journey to 13 can either stand alone, or complement a more traditional synagogue Bar Mitzvah. It is open to all, and is suitable for students at non-Jewish schools. Affiliation with a synagogue is not required. The program runs twice per year, starting in February (recommended for year 7 students) and July (recommended for grade 6 students). Registrations are now open for our 2021 programs. To find out more or sign up, contact our Bar Mitzvah Coordinator, Samuel Herz, on or 0435 793 512.

Bar Mitzvah Video


The UJEB program was a fantastic kick start into my son’s Barmitzvah year. The diversity of topics and the connection with other Jewish boys is what initially attracted us to the program and we weren’t disappointed. In particular, my son loved meeting a new group of kids and being able to have discussions he otherwise wouldn’t have had in a supportive environment. From delving into ‘manhood’, learning some Krav Maga and having dinner together in the Sukkah with a holocaust survivor, this program covered a variety of interesting and age appropriate topics. Samuel was fantastic in facilitating this all. Elijah has really enjoyed the past few months – thank-you!
Vicky Kuriel, mother of 2019 Bar Mitzvah graduate

The UJEB program was brilliant for our son, Tal. It’s important to us that our kids find where they fit within the Jewish narrative and community – our family isn’t religious, and our kids attend a public school. Connecting Tal with a group of likeminded boys and going through their Barmi journey was a perfect introduction to what it means to be a good man, and how that fits with Jewish life. You couldn’t ask for a better role model than Samuel, the UJEB Bar Mitzvah Coordinator. He is engaging and kind, and our son was always excited to attend the sessions. Learning the Parsha along with the program gave it so much more meaning. The programme comes highly recommended.
Shila Barak and Mitch Buzza, parents of 2019 Bar Mitzvah graduate

Location Day Time Fees Year and Semester
Location Day Time Fees Year and Semester
Thursdays After school $50 non-refundable enrolment fee (please pay on enrolment to secure your place)
2021 Enrolment fee
Thursdays After school $500 (for 6-month program) + additional cost for ceremony
2021 semester 1
Thursdays After school $500 (for 6-month program) + additional cost for ceremony
2021 semester 2

Bar Mitzvah Program Details

The UJEB Bar Mitzvah program is designed specifically for students at non-Jewish day schools. The program focuses on essential tools for young men who are coming of age, rather than being centred around a synagogue or religious practices.

There are four main themes in the program. Many sessions are run in partnership with relevant and inspiring community figures and organisations, including Stand Up, Friendship Circle and Community Security Group Victoria (CSG).

Our community helps us grow and shapes who we are. Participants explore different communities including local, Jewish and international communities. The group chooses a community initiative and develops a plan to contribute to their chosen cause.

From falafel to footy, Jewish Australians have a diverse culture. Who we are is defined by where we have come from and where we live. Participants explore their culture and how it enriches their life.

Exercise and Mindfulness:
In the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives it is hard to find time to centre ourselves. Sometimes we forget to be aware of the world around us and how we are feeling. Participants learn the importance of managing their feelings and maintaining balance, and explore various methods to achieve this.

Rites of Passage:
Different cultures have unique ways of welcoming young men into their communities. In this program participants look at different coming-of-age ceremonies and then design one for their own group, to find their own special way to mark this important life event.

The program ends with a meaningful ceremony for family and friends, designed by the participants themselves.


Our annual adventure camp brings together UJEB’s extended community for a long weekend of informal Jewish learning, outdoor activities and plenty of fun. 

Open to students years 3 to 12, participants get to build friendships with peers from schools all over Melbourne and learn about  community, Jewish values and leadership. 

Run by our fully trained staff of young and vibrant leaders, students will have a fantastic educational and social experience, deepening their connection to the Melbourne Jewish community. 

For further information or enquiries contact our Camp Coordinator at or our Teen Engagement Coordinator at

Location Day Age Fees
Location Day Age Fees
TBA, 2021
(Usually in the April school holidays)
Grade 3 – Year 12 (ages 8 – 18) 2021 camp fee - $350

Israel Program

Our Israel Program brings together year 10 students from all over Australia for an immersive 5-week experience. The students learn about our homeland, people, culture and history, while traveling the country from top to bottom. Along the way they have many unique experiences, create lifelong friendships and develop a strong connection to our homeland.

This program is run in partnership with the NSW Board of Jewish Education (BJE) and is specifically designed for year 10 students at non-Jewish schools. Grants are available through the Israel For Youth Foundation.

For any enquiries and additional information email our Israel Program Coordinator at or our Teen Engagement Coordinator at

Location Dates Age Fees
Location Dates Age Fees
6 weeks, dates TBA Year 10 (ages 15-16) Cost TBA (grants available through the Israel For Youth Foundation)


BBYO is the leading international pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in meaningful Jewish experiences. The BBYO model is based on peer leadership, where teens develop leadership skills through leading their group, guided by a UJEB teen engagement professional. The 2020 BBYO Melbourne student cohort runs regular events every fortnight (currently running online). 

BBYO in Victoria is a collaboration between BBYO International, B’nai B’rith Victoria and UJEB. BBYO is now also in NSW, and has plans to grow nationally. BBYO is open to all Jewish students in years 8-12. 

BBYO plays a significant role in the UJEB Journey for Jewish teens by providing a social outlet outside of school, as well as leadership opportunities including UJEB events and camps. BBYO also connects students to a wide range of international opportunities. 

In 2019 UJEB’s BBYO members had exciting opportunities to connect with the BBYO international movement. In June/July 2019 a group of our teens travelled to Pennsylvania for BBYO’s International Leadership Training Conference (ILTC), where they honed their leadership skills with 250 teens from all over the world. We also sent 2 cohorts to BBYO International Convention (IC) in 2019 (Denver) and 2020 (Dallas). IC is attended by more than 6,000 Jewish teens from over 50 countries, as well as educators and philanthropists. These students brought back valuable leadership skills and enthusiasm, to nourish and grow BBYO Melbourne. 

To get involved email our BBYO Coordinator at or our Teen Engagement Coordinator at

For updates like and follow @BBYOAussies on Facebook and bbyomelbourne on Instagram.

BBYO term 3 calendar cropped and smaller


J-Voice is UJEB High’s latest leadership and activism program for secondary students at non-Jewish schools.

Through leadership and collaborative sessions, the J-Voice student committee gets to create a report of what it’s like to be a Jewish student in Victoria in primary and secondary government schools.

The team’s ideas and solutions will then be presented directly to the Department of Education and Training to increase youth involvement in school strategy and initiate change in government schools.

Participation in J-Voice provides each participant with government endorsed leadership experience, formal recognition as an author on the final report and the opportunity to make a difference for the Jewish student experience.