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Bat Mitzvah Program

During UJEB’s year-long Bat Mitzvah program, girls develop their own emerging identities as young Jewish women. They learn about and experience social action, Jewish history, religion, traditions and culture, as well as their connection to Israel. Through partnerships with Twelve & Thirteen, the Jewish Museum and the National Council of Jewish Women Australia (Victoria) (NCJWA Vic), the girls explore the vibrant Jewish world through a variety of lenses. The program culminates in a beautiful ceremony with family and friends.

The classes are held one afternoon per week during the school term from 4.30 till 6.30 pm in the Caulfield area (except for school holidays, public holidays and Jewish festivals). The total cost of the program is $1150 ($150 non-refundable enrolment fee + $250 per term). There is also an additional cost for the ceremony, which is kept to a minimum.

Registrations are now open for our 2022 program. To find out more or sign up, please contact our Bat Mitzvah Coordinator at ujeb@ujeb.org.au or 03 9523 6844. Note that places in the program are limited.

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Bat Mitzvah Video

Bat Mitzvah 2020

Bat Mitzvah 2019


It was an incredibly inclusive and enriching program. Not only did our daughter gain a greater appreciation of her Jewish culture and heritage, she also widened her awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and social justice.
Kim Elisha, parent of 2018 & 2021 Bat Mitzvah graduates

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I enjoyed every single moment of the UJEB Bat Mitzvah program. I am so terribly sad that this journey has ended because I have learnt so much and will now continue on my own path to grow my Jewish identity, reflect upon and share everything I have learnt.
Ayla Myers, 2020 Bat Mitzvah graduate

UJEB has now guided our third daughter through her Bat Mitzvah and we’re so happy and grateful for UJEB’s passion and genuine love of Judaism that the girls all felt and shared in. It has set them up with a wonderful foundation for their lives.
Zac & Nicole Jacobs, parents of 2017 & 2020 Bat Mitzvah graduates

If I had any advice, it would be to embrace every moment you spend with everyone because before you know it this lovely experience comes to a close. This UJEB experience has been the highlight of this year.
Zahra Jacobs, 2020 Bat Mitzvah graduate

“I would highly recommend the UJEB Bat Mitzvah program. It’s warm, educational and inspiring. It shows the children that there is more than one way to be Jewish and allows for everyone to feel proud of their Jewish heritage.”
Amelia Kalifa, parent of 2019 Bat Mitzvah graduate

Location Day Time Fees Year and Term - CLICK BELOW TO ENROL
Location Day Time Fees Year and Term - CLICK BELOW TO ENROL
Various locations with UJEB and partner organisations Tuesdays After school $150 non-refundable enrolment fee (please pay on enrolment to secure your place) 2022 enrolment fee
Various locations with UJEB and partner organisations Tuesdays After school $1000 for full year 2022 full year


UJEB’s year-long Bat Mitzvah Program is run in partnership with Twelve & Thirteen, the Jewish Museum of Australia and the National Council of Jewish Women Australia (Victoria) (NCJWA Vic). A core educator from UJEB teaches and accompanies the girls throughout the year as they explore the vibrant Jewish world through a variety of lenses, with a different focus in each school term. Running through the entire program is a commitment to instilling in our students a lifelong love of Judaism. The girls complete their year with a presentation afternoon and Bat Mitzvah ceremony amongst family and friends.

Classes explore our historic and current connections to our culture and our homeland through people, events and food. The girls also delve into the Parasha that falls on their 12th birthday, and relate it to their own journey.

Run by Twelve and Thirteen, this dynamic program delivers unique and engaging hands-on volunteering sessions which broaden awareness of social issues and provide rewarding opportunities for the girls to give back.

In term three the classes meet at the Jewish Museum of Australia, and focus on Jewish history, art and culture. Highlights include an exploration of the Australian Jewish story and a roots project investigating the girls’ individual family stories of migration and settlement.

The final term at NCJWA (Vic) explores a wide variety of influential roles that Jewish women have undertaken throughout the ages. The participants meet with inspirational Jewish women who are active in making a difference in the Jewish and broader community.

The presentation in December is an afternoon tea where the girls share what they have learned with family and friends in a joyous celebration. This ceremony is an additional cost.

Bar Mitzvah Program

Journey to 13, UJEB’s unique Bar Mitzvah program, is a coming-of-age experience which is contemporary and meaningful for participants. Our 6-month program is a creative and alternative option for marking this important Jewish life milestone, which enables participants to take their place in our community as passionate and engaged young men.

The program focuses on four main themes: community & family, culture, exercise & mindfulness, and rites of passage. It includes visits from inspiring community figures and organisations, and culminates in a ceremony designed by the boys themselves.

Journey to 13 can either stand alone, or complement a more traditional synagogue Bar Mitzvah. It is open to all, and is suitable for students at non-Jewish schools. Affiliation with a synagogue is not required. The program runs annually from July to December.

The Bar-Mitzvah Program total cost is $600 which is broken up into two components:

  1. $100 deposit, non-refundable – this is made at the time of enrolment to secure the participants’ place within the program.
  2. $500 (for 6-month program) + additional cost for ceremony

Registrations are now open for our 2022 program, which starts on July 21st. The registration deadline is July 10th.

To find out more or sign up, contact our Bar Mitzvah Coordinator, Noah Loven, at barmi@ujeb.org.au or on 0401 169 342.

Bar Mitzvah Video

Location Day Time Fees Year and Semester
Location Day Time Fees Year and Semester
Thursdays After school: 4.30 - 6.15 pm $100 DEPOSIT non-refundable enrolment fee (please pay on enrolment to secure your place)
2022 Enrolment fee
Thursdays After school: 4.30 - 6.15 pm $500 (for 6-month program) + additional cost for ceremony
2022 semester 2

Bar Mitzvah Program Details

The UJEB Bar Mitzvah program is designed specifically for students at non-Jewish day schools. The program focuses on essential tools for young men who are coming of age, rather than being centred around a synagogue or religious practices.

There are four main themes in the program. Many sessions are run in partnership with relevant and inspiring community figures and organisations.

Community & Family:
Our community helps us grow and shapes who we are. Participants explore the different communities they are part of and delve into their family history with a roots project.

From falafel to footy, Jewish Australians have a diverse culture. Who we are is defined by where we have come from and where we live. Participants explore their culture and how it enriches their life.

Exercise and Mindfulness:
Participants learn the importance of managing themselves and maintaining balance, and explore various methods to achieve this.

Rites of Passage:
Different cultures have unique ways of welcoming young men into their communities. Participants look at different coming-of-age ceremonies and then design one for their own group, to find their own special way to mark this important life event.

The program ends with a meaningful ceremony for family and friends, designed by the participants themselves.


The UJEB program is designed to teach young people about what it means to become Bar Mitzvah. We chose this program for (our son) Oliver as we wanted him to learn about this stage of life, in relation to being part of the Jewish community, and also being Jewish in the wider Australian community. Being part of the program gave Oliver the opportunity to reflect and discuss one’s responsibilities and many other interesting topics, with other Jewish boys of similar age. He participated in the Bar Mitzvah Program in 2020 and I was pleasantly surprised at how Sam (their leader) managed to keep the group of boys not just learning but engaged in conversations online!! I would definitely recommend this to others who are looking for a connection with the Jewish community.”
Miruna Lau, parent of 2020 Bar Mitzvah graduate

The UJEB program was a fantastic kick start into my son’s Barmitzvah year. The diversity of topics and the connection with other Jewish boys is what initially attracted us to the program and we weren’t disappointed. In particular, my son loved meeting a new group of kids and being able to have discussions he otherwise wouldn’t have had in a supportive environment. From delving into ‘manhood’, learning some Krav Maga and having dinner together in the Sukkah with a holocaust survivor, this program covered a variety of interesting and age appropriate topics. Samuel was fantastic in facilitating this all. Elijah has really enjoyed the past few months – thank-you!
Vicky Kuriel, parent of 2019 Bar Mitzvah graduate

The UJEB program was brilliant for our son, Tal. It’s important to us that our kids find where they fit within the Jewish narrative and community – our family isn’t religious, and our kids attend a public school. Connecting Tal with a group of likeminded boys and going through their Barmi journey was a perfect introduction to what it means to be a good man, and how that fits with Jewish life. You couldn’t ask for a better role model than Samuel, the UJEB Bar Mitzvah Coordinator. He is engaging and kind, and our son was always excited to attend the sessions. Learning the Parsha along with the program gave it so much more meaning. The programme comes highly recommended.
Shila Barak and Mitch Buzza, parents of 2019 Bar Mitzvah graduate